Eleventh International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems
12-18 July 2015, Fiuggi, Italy

Computer performance has increased by over 1,000-fold in the past three decades. This astonishing growth has fuelled major innovations across all aspects of society. New advances in drug discovery and diagnosis, product design and manufacturing, transportation and energy, scientific and environmental modelling, social networking and entertainment, financial analysis, all depend on continued increases in computer system performance. Computing systems are so fundamental to today’s society that they represent a basic resource, and form a strategic foundation for many of our most powerful and versatile tools and developments. Maintaining rapid growth in computing performance is key for tackling the societal challenges shaping Europe and assuring our global competitiveness in the future.

The ACACES Summer School is organized by the HiPEAC Network of Excellence. ACACES 2015 is the eleventh edition of the Summer School.

The ACACES Summer School is a one week summer school for computer architects and tool builders working in the field of high performance computer architecture and compilation for computing systems. The school aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge and the promotion of international contacts among scientists from academia and industry.

A distinguishing feature of this Summer School is its broad scope ranging from low level technological issues to advanced compilation techniques. In the design of modern computer systems one has to be knowledgeable about architecture as well as about the quality of the code, and how to improve it. This summer school offers the ideal mix of the two worlds – both at the entry level and at the most advanced level.

The summer school is open to everybody but previous training and/or experience in computer science as well as a background in computer architecture or compilation is indispensable.

The summer school is organized in conjunction with another training event, the Sixth NiPS Summer School. The NiPS Summer School is a one week summer school open to graduate students, post-docs, young researchers, and in general to all scientists interested in the physical foundations and practical applications of energy management in computing processes.

The NiPS Summer School is organized by The Noise in Physical System Laboratory in Fiuggi, Italy, on 7-12 July 2015, just before the ACACES Summer School, in the same place. For more information and registration, please visit http://www.nipslab.org/summerschool2015.

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