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Business prototyping
Henrik Berglund, Chalmers, Sweden


This course introduces a number of practical tools and methods (e.g. the Lean Startup Method) that are useful when trying to turn a new technology into a scalable business. The course focuses on the very early stages, i.e. when founders only have a piece of technology and a rough idea of the potential market. During these early stages, focus should not be on excessive analysis and long-term business planning. Instead, founders should specify the central assumptions on which the business idea is based (e.g. who are our customers, what problem do we solve for them, how costly is the problem, what product features are critical) and then test these as quickly and effectively as possible, to see if these assumptions are correct or need to be revised. As a general rule, the more innovative a technology/business idea is, the more likely it is that the initial assumptions are incorrect and the less valuable long-term planning is.


Henrik Berglund is an associate professor at Chalmers University of Technology. Besides research and teaching in the areas of entrepreneurship and technology strategy, Henrik is involved in several technology transfer projects (e.g. Eurolab-4-HPC, TETRAMAX) where the goal is to support researchers who want to evaluate the commercial viability of their technologies by means of practically useful tools and processes for business prototyping.

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