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Intellectual property strategy
Marcus Holgersson, Chalmers, Sweden


Intellectual property (IP) rights, such as patents, trade secret rights, and copyrights, are typically seen as means for protecting an invention or a technology. However, they also provide the basis for collaborative setups and distributed innovation. Therefore, IP strategy links the technology of a firm with its business strategy.

This course will give a general overview of IP rights, including how and why to use them, but will mostly focus on how to strategically manage IP. The IP strategy links to several important questions for the firm, such as if and how to protect the know-how and technologies, how to access venture capital, how to collaborate with partners, and how to best design a license in order to allow for external use and contributions to a technology. Thus, the course considers both open and closed strategies.

The course is taught in several sessions in which lecturing will be complemented with games, exercises, and discussion themes, in order to engage and involve the participants, and discuss IP issues they might have come across.


Marcus Holgersson is Associate Professor at the Department of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology. His research and teaching deal with management, economics, and strategies of innovation and intellectual property. He is especially interested in the connection between IP strategies and technology/innovation/business/corporate strategies, and the connection between IP strategies and firm performance. Holgersson's research is published in, e.g., California Management Review, Long Range Planning, and R&D Management.

Holgersson has received multiple awards and scholarships, including the Wallander scholarship (2013), Chalmers Pedagogic Prize (2014), and the Honorary Prize from students in Industrial Engineering and Management (2017). He has held visiting positions at University of Gothenburg, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley.

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