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Entrepreneurial finance
Paul Pietrangelo, Lira, Italy


Money flows through and energizes all aspects of a business - it is its lifeblood - and businesses can't survive without it. However, for new enterprises and budding entrepreneurs, it can be very hard to come by, and can often leave them in the valley of death. In this course, we will go over the multiple funding stages and appropriate sources of funding for an early stage company. The course will help those attending make an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of different funding sources, and therefore, save energy on their pursuit of funding. It will also inform on the requirements when pursuing each funding source and what the financiers are looking for.


Entrepreneur and fundraiser. He has helped start four companies, growing one to over 60 staff in four years. In addition, he has raised over €22m for other high growth companies and acts as a financial advisor to many of these companies. He is also an early stage investor and corporate advisor to a digital finance company.

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