Summer School Arrival/Departure


On Sunday July 12, we provide a shuttle service from Fiumicino airport to the summer school at Fiuggi. Currently, we plan the following schedule:

Alternative 1:

Train to Roma Termini, followed by the bus from Roma Termini to Fiuggi. Travel time is around 90 minutes. You can check the schedule here.

The bus leaves from Via Giolitti, which is the street which runs parallel along the station at the south side. The bus stop is opposite house number 38 and is run by the bus company cotral.

The ticket cost 4.5 euro and you have to buy it in one of the newspaper shops inside or outside the station (e.g. the newspaper show situated at house number 16).

Alternative 2:

Train to Roma Termini, followed by the train from Roma Termini to Fiuggi Anagni (leaving around *:40). The train takes about 50 min. In Fiuggi Anagni, there is a bus continuing to Fiuggi Fonte (another 35 min). Normally, the bus waits for the train to arrive.

The timetable for busses on Sunday is:
Part. Bus Anagni 8:20 9:35 11:30 16:30 19:40 21:35
Arr. Bus Fiuggi 9:00 10:10 12:05 17:05 20:15 22:10

Beware, there are fewer busses than trains on Sunday!

If you end up in the Fiuggi Anagni, and there is no bus, you can call a taxi. It is possible to require a taxi by calling Mr. Piero Morini, whose mobile nr is: 339/6176934. He gives a service of transportation on request, and the cost is 35 € from Anagni station to Fiuggi.

Fiuggi is a very small town. Busses heading for Fiuggi Fonte, Fiuggi Terme or Fiuggi Cittá will all bring you very close to the hotel.


On Saturday morning, July 18, we organize busses to Fiumicino, Ciampino and Roma Termini. There will definitely be busses leaving at 6am, 8am and 9am. The journey from Fiumicino to Fiuggi or back takes 1 hour and a half.

All the alternatives mentioned to get to Fiuggi, also work in the other direction. The hotels will be able to inform you about the options.

How to reach Fiuggi from Ciampino Airport

There is a direct bus from Ciampino airport to Roma Termini (4.5 euro).

There are also buses from the Ciampino airport to the Ciampino train station (cost 1 euro, you can pay the driver on board). The ride to the station takes about 10 min. From Ciampino Train Station there is a direct train to Roma Termini, and to Anagni-Fiuggi.

The latter leaves at *:54 and takes about 35 min to Anagni-Fiuggi, where you can take the bus to downtown Fiuggi (see alternative 2 above, it is the same train).