There are at least two good reasons for industry to attend the summer school.


The participants will be able to interact with the world-class lecturers during one week on the topics of high-performance architecture and compilers.

If you have research ideas, you can take advantage of the situation to discuss your ideas with these experts in the relaxed atmosphere at the Summer School.


People attending the summer school will be able to interact with the students during one week, and in particular during the poster session where the students will present their research work. They are eagerly looking forward to your feedback or to ways to collaborate with your company. Some of them might even consider an internship in your company or are already looking for a job.

Post for free all your internship opportunities or job vacancies to the HiPEAC Jobs Portal and they will be shown to all attendees.

If you are looking for the brightest young talent in Europe, this is the place to be (but please let them first finish their PhD). Do you want to organize a career related activity? Please contact