Fiuggi is located right in the centre of Italy: 70 km from Rome, 150 km from Naples, 650 km from Milan, 670 from Reggio Calabria, from Capri. Fiuggi is well known because of the healing water of the nearby Fiuggi springs. It gained fame in the 14th century when Pope Boniface VIII claimed his kidney stones had been healed by these mineral waters.

Even though the Fiuggi water is bottled and distributed throughout Italy, it should be drunk at the spring to make the most of its benefits. There are quite a few reasons for taking the waters “on the spot”, first of all the special life style that the Fiuggi guests love to adopt.

A walk in the picterousque old Fiuggi perched up on top of the hill is a must once you come to Fiuggi.

Local sights

Some interesting local sights are:

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The following hotels will provide accomodation during the summer school:

Silva Hotel Splendid

Silva Splendid Spa Hotel welcomes you in a heavenly atmosphere. This Congress Centre — 1200 m2 wide — offers 5 meeting rooms with seating capacity from 10 to 320 seats.

You can find more info on http://www.silvasplendid.it/

Ambasciatori Place Hotel

More info on http://www.ambasciatoriplacehotel.com/

Hotel San Marco

More info on http://www.hotelsanmarcofiuggi.it/

Hotel San Giorgio

More info on http://www.hotel-sangiorgio.it/

Hotel Touring

More info on http://www.hoteltouringfiuggi.it/