Poster session

A summer school is more than a place where people convene to take courses, it is also a social event where you meet people, discuss about research, and start collaborations. In order to create opportunities for participants to meet other people there are several occasions: the coffee breaks, the meals that are served in the restaurant at fixed hours and the poster session.

Where will the poster session take place?

Fonte Bonifacio VIII

The poster session will take place at the Park Fonte Bonifacio VIII. If you step outside the hotel and turn left, you will see the entrance of the hotel after 200 meters. Make sure to bring your badge! With the ACACES badge, you can enter the park for free, otherwise you will have to pay an entrance fee of 7 EUR. Once you have entered the park, please go downhill to the ‘Mushroom’ (‘Funghi’ in Italia in case you get lost). Under the ‘mushroom’, a big construction with a concrete roof, you will find the ‘Sala Mescite’ where people usually meet to drink the Fiuggi water directly from the fountains. This room has been reserved for us on wednesday for the poster session.

Why is there a poster session during a summer school?

The purpose of the poster session on Wednesday afternoon is:

Eventually, this might lead to a future research collaboration, a visit, an internship, a joint paper. Especially for beginning PhD-students, these are the first steps towards a network, which will turn out to be very important for their further research career.

The poster panel will be 1 m wide and 2.5 m tall. The ideal format for a poster is A0 size, in portret mode. Please bring your own material to attach the poster to the poster panel.

Why are there proceeedings for the poster session?

We will produce proceedings with 1-4 page abstracts per poster. So, the participants can in advance have a look at the book of abstracts in order to get an idea about the interests of the other participants. After the summer school, it can be used to find back information about the poster presentations.

The fact that the participants get an opportunity to officially present their work, and that an abstract is published might also make it easier to get funding to attend the summer school.

The abstract is maximum 4 pages in PDF format without page numbers.

  This file contains the LaTeX style file and a template for Word. The abstract can be uploaded at your personal login page.